Time Commando is coming to Steam!

The other masterpiece of Adeline Software

We are very happy to announce that the other masterpiece of Adeline Software - Time Commando - is coming to Steam

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If you are reading this, you obviously know LBA. Between LBA 1 (1994) and LBA 2 (1997), the team at Adeline launched an action/beat-them-all game in 1996, called Time Commando. You play as Stanley Opar on a mission to stop a deadly virus from destructing the world. You have to go into the computer and through time to save the day.

Instinct will be your only ally. All-out combat, your only choice.

Time Commando will take you on a journey in time and space. 9 Worlds to explore, each in a different time and place with its own weapons and combat style:

  • prehistoric,

  • Roman,

  • feudal Japan,

  • Medieval,

  • Conquistador,

  • the Wild West,

  • World War 1

  • World War 3

  • the future

We are delighted to bring it back to Steam!If you are a fan of retro games, this one if for you. Just be careful, it’s VERY HARD!

Oh, and did you know that Stanley Opar appears in LBA 2? Tell us in the comments if you know where it is.

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