Help us choose a name

LBA Vs Twinsen Vs Relentless

Depending on where you live, you might know Little Big Adventure - the first one released in 1994 - under different names:

  • Little Big Adventure

  • Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure

  • Twinsen’s Adventure

  • Little Big Adventure: Twinsen’s Adventure.

4 different names for the same game! 

For Little Big Adventure 2 - the sequel released in 1997 - you might know the game as Little Big Adventure 2 or Twinsen’s Odyssey. 2 different names for the same game. Much better than LBA1, but still too much.

We would like to change this situation and have one single name - brand - for people to relate to.

We chose the name: Little Big Adventure.

We chose it for many reasons:

  • because it’s the original name decided by the team at Adeline

  • because it fits more with the tone of the game

  • because it opens the game to new heros other than Twinsen

So, the new episode we are developing will be named: Little Big Adventure - … (you really thought I would tell you now? 😜)

To create coherence for new players, it’s time to rename the first two original episodes.

Little Big Adventure 2 or Twinsen’s Odyssey will be renamed as: Little Big Adventure - Twinsen’s Odyssey (this one was easy).

For LBA1, it’s way trickier. So we are asking for your help. The prerequisites are simple. We need the name Little Big Adventure (for Europeans) and the word Twinsen (for the rest of the world).

Below are the 3 ideas we came up with :

1/ Little Big Adventure - Twinsen’s Adventure

It’s the most obvious choice. It’s already the name in Germany. One drawback: the word adventure appears twice

2/ Little Big Adventure - Twinsen’s Quest

It’s a reference to one of LBA1’s most famous titles of the OST. 

3/ Little Big Adventure - Twinsen’s Destiny

It’s a reference to the Destiny of Twinsen to become a hero

Which one do you prefer?

Cast your vote and like the below comments : 1, 2 or 3!